Monday, 22 February 2016

On juggling.

I'm just sitting here trying to get my legs back after a shower thinking about what I need to do today, what I can do and what can be left. Living with little energy one has to be very choosy.

I really need to vacuum as I can tell my allergies are ramping up. It doesn't help that I have two cats in the house. One is mine, one is an interloper. If I vacuum though I risk going outside of my window of tolerance for effort which could result in a couple of days on the sofa crashed, or worse, a back spasm leaving me in awful pain for days. So, I can vacuum maybe one room but not thoroughly today judging by the state of my legs. Perhaps it's better not to vacuum today since I've had a shower.

Another priority I have is getting to the post. I have collected my further evidence for my PIP reconsideration and it needs to go today. I should have already posted it but it got pushed down the priority list as I've been too buggered to go out for a few days. Oh the irony. They've refused me PIP because I'm not bad enough apparently.

So no vacuuming today but a short drive to the local post office and I can pick up a prescription at the same time. Do I do that before or after lunch? I haven't got anything made so I'll have to cook. This is where it gets interesting. If I leave going out until this afternoon I may not get out at all, thus delaying the PIP letter further. So I'll have to go this morning but then I risk not having a proper lunch because if I cook AND go out I will exceed my window of tolerance. The answer then, is to not cook but buy a sandwich which is the less healthy option. At least then I will be able to save my "spoons" enough to get through the rest of the day and make myself a simple but healthy dinner.

The dust and cat hair will live on. I really ought to change my bed but that's a whole other dilemma best left to another day.

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