Saturday, 20 February 2016

Making bread

I made bread yesterday. When I have the energy I like to bake, it's a good way of processing. It was also my turn to host our weekly craft night and I couldn't face going out in the cold to buy nibbles.

I made a wholemeal sharing loaf with olives and rosemary with a view to dousing it in garlic butter. After it's second kneading I shaped and cut it and left it to rise with a clingfilm cover. I think, but I can't be entirely sure, I put it in the oven with the clingfilm still on it. Later I noticed little hard globules around the edge which I picked off. When chewed they were definitely plasticky. I checked the packaging and it was non-PVA clingfilm so I served up the garlic bread anyway. It had a nice glaze.

I told my daughter about it and she said it was on a par with the time my mother buttered a photograph of a cracker on the packet rather than the cracker. She thinks I may have given all my friends cancer. I am unrepentant.